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WP-Bones WordPress Theme With GULP Starter Kit

By December 7, 2015Blog, Gulp, Wordpress, Workflow
Bones + Gulp WordPress Starter Kit

I’ve created a starter kit that includes both the wp-bones theme and gulp [+bower]. This makes getting a custom WordPress theme project off the group extremely quick. On top of that, there are a few amazing deployment and testing workflows built into this starter kit. You can build a test deployment that you can easily symlink to your theme folder. You can build a minified, linted, compressed distribution build. Good stuff.

What is Bones?

Bones is a WordPress Theme for Developers

Built around the latest in Web Standards, Bones is a rock solid foundation to start any WordPress project. Keep what you need, remove what you don’t. It’s totally up to you.

Bones is not a Framework

Frameworks are great, but sometimes they make things more complicated than they need to be. Bones is as bare and minimalistic as possible. It’s meant to be used on a per-project basis, this means no Child Themes. Hooray!

Bones is Mobile-First & Responsive

Taking the Mobile-First approach is the way to go when building a responsive project. So Bones comes ready to roll with a unique Sass setup that serves minimal resources to smaller screens and scales up depending on your viewport. As anyone who’s ever browsed on a 3G connection will tell you, it’s a difference maker.

What is gulp?

Gulp is a toolkit that will help you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow. For web development (if that’s your thing) it can help you by doing CSS preprocessing, JS transpiling, minification, live reloading, and much more. Integrations are built into all major IDEs and people are loving gulp across PHP, .NET, Node.js, Java, and more. With over 1700 plugins (and plenty you can do without plugins), gulp lets you quit messing with build systems and get back to work.


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