Repeat CSS3 Animation With Delay

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While CSS Tricks provides a useful guide on how to use Javascript to apply an animation-delay, it can be quite cumbersome to add Javascript for such a seemingly straightforward task. Ideally, the animation-delay should be applied to each iteration of the animation when the animation-iteration-count is set to infinite, but unfortunately, this is not currently possible. So, what can we do to simplify the process?

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Just like Graphic Design Service Subscription, animation has many options. We use the inherent properties of CSS animations to “fake” a delay. Let’s say we want to have a 1 second animation occur every 4 seconds. For our example we will scale an image to twice the size. This can be accomplish with the following CSS:

img {
    animation: animation-name 5s infinite;
    transform: scale(1);

@keyframes animation {
    10% {
        transform: scale(2);

    20% {
        transform: scale(1);

What’s happening here is that the animation starts at 0% (0 seconds). It takes the time of 10% of 5 seconds (0.5 seconds) to scale to double the size. Then it takes from 10% to 20% (another 0.5 seconds) to scale back down. Then from 20% to 100% (4 seconds) it stays non-animated. Here’s a table:


See it in action:

See the Pen Repeat CSS3 Animation With Delay by Mike Doubintchik (@allurewebsolutions) on CodePen.

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