WordPress Child Starter Theme

WordPress Child Theme Starter Kit

This is a starter kit for creating a WordPress child theme. How many times have you begun to create a child theme and don’t remember what’s required? Is it just the style.css or is the functions.php file also needed? What goes into the style.css? Is it proper to enqueue the parent styles or import them in the style.css?

With this starter kit, you no longer have to think about any of these questions. You can use it with any parent theme because it super easy to configure.


  • Yarn for package management
  • Gulp workflow with image optimization
  • Support for multiple development, staging, and production environments
  • Optional asynchronous loading of Google Fonts
  • Browsersync with CSS injection and reloading when PHP files are changed
  • EXTREMELY FAST: only a few milliseconds for the build task
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