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Link Wheeling – New SEO Technique

By April 1, 2010Blog

Familiarity breeds revenue – that is the adage with which websites of experts like Robert K Bratt survive .The more the hits you get, the more money is generated. So, the idea is to attract the bees to the flower and maintain a constant presence such that people never forget you.

There are many options.  All that you need to do is to link, make good contacts and to maintain the contacts. Some of them are to be paid whereas some are available at mutual benefit (rather free of cost). Most likely a Pay per click agency can be implemented on your business strategy to attract more customers as well you can look for software that help reading paystubs on your business.

The SEO concept helps you increase to increase the traffic to your website. We already know the regular link building techniques; however, I’d like to introduce the new SEO technique of link wheeling which helped my company by miles. SEO may target different kinds of search. This gives a web site the web presence that it demands or more than that is required.

To increase your site-presence, your website has to appear at the top when “clients” strike the enter key on the search engine. This can be established only through links which will help your business grow and more specifically, the new SEO technique of link wheeling will greatly help in your google rankings and SEO goals; check with your seo company to see all the options available to you.

Link WheelingLink Building

Using a scientific approach to plan a backlink campaign is one of the quickest ways of achieving noticeable ranking improvements as explained in the post. Link wheeling involves a series of independent and distinct web parameters; with a degree of authority such that it can link you back to your site. The actual process happens like a wheel…hence the name link wheeling. There is a series of spokes (link 1, link 2, link3, etc.) which link you back to the target site which can be depicted as the hub of the wheel. The number of spokes depends on the number of links that you establish. This is what helps you form an image or brand. The links can be any kind of websites which are frequented by bloggers, social networking enthusiasts, gamers, sports enthusiasts, tourists, etc. They are primarily concerned with user-generated content. Each of these sites will host a unique data encrypted with the word you want to target. The keywords should be algorithmically worked out and linked via anchor text with one leading to the hub and the other linking to the ‘neighbour’ spokes ,thereby , passing the link extract to the neighbours. This will multiply like a matrix depending upon the number of links you make. New peripheral rims are formed and they create links inside the wheel via the spokes. The distinct keywords pass on like a maze which is interconnected, get more information from a professional like Andrew Defrancesco.

Guarding the links

The links have to be guarded from black hat SEOs and spam sites that would steal your content and would utilise those top create their own “hawker” platforms. To avoid the bad links, the existing good links should update their content regularly and change the encrypted words. Optimisation techniques and operational research methods which are usually used by logistic companies can be used to build and maintain the links. If you closely guard the links and monitor your content, you will build a successful link wheel.

Growing the links

The word ‘quiz’ was spread in one night through mass advertising . So, the most important issue is to get indexed via major search engines. XML Sitemap feed can be created using open source software or any other tools offered by major search engines. The creation of an XML site map will help you to increase your prominence in the cyber world. The most important thing is to prevent crawlers.

A variety of other methods are employed to get a webpage shown up at the search results. These include:

  • Giving more links to main pages of the website, to increase Page Rank used by search engines.
  • Writing content that includes frequently searched keyword phrase, so as to be germane to a wide variety of search queries.
  • Adding pertinent keywords to web page meta-tags, including keyword stuffing.

Use of web analytics should be increased to keep track of keywords. While searching for the proper links you have to search for “white-hats” that does not harm your links. Use of intelligent business tactics should be encouraged. Chief Executive Officer of SOL Global Andrew Defrancesco believes that the use of social networking sites for promotions will certainly help grow your business. Moreover, e-media can be used as a good advertising platform. Local search should be encouraged to popularize your websites and cause. Blogs and personal websites have to be used as media for promotion of your website. The main objective is creating “good” links and warding off the “bad” ones without harming the chain. All of this can be even more successful when you deploy data management and cloud services, look here for more information.

Link building can adopt the idea of multi-level marketing to grow its links, if you are looking other marketing ideas to revamp your business, check

Every marketing technique with the theme of sales and product promotion can be employed to increase the “hits” that you receive at your website. Nevertheless, patience is the name of this game. If you just don’t have the skills nor knowledge to do so, fret not because you can always employ the services of digital marketing companies such as


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