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This is a quick “how to” guide on keeping Trellis updated. As you guys may have noticed, I love Roots and their WordPress workflow and environment. It’s always important to keep your system up to date and Roots is constantly releasing new features and updates. This quick guide shows you how to update Trellis to the latest version.

The first time you do it:

git remote add trellis

git fetch trellis

This is what you run to update:

git checkout -b trellis trellis/master

git checkout master

git merge -X subtree=trellis/ --squash trellis/master --allow-unrelated-histories

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml

Lastly you fix the merge bomb. Usually you will only keep what’s in trellis/group_vars¬† and trellis/hosts¬†unless you’ve modified any other files. For example, I usually also add some NGINX configs.

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