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Email Your Past Clients Today

By December 14, 2015Blog, Freelancing
Freelancing Advice by Allure Web Solutions

The email:

Hey (first name), just wanted to follow up and see how your business is doing. Is there anything I can do to help and guides into growing your business? Give me a call if you need help, we can make that your business grow and hiring more people 🙂

Talk soon,
(Your name)
(Your Phone Number)

This is from a newsletter I’m subscribed to called Workshop:

So I’ve been thinking about where I want to take Workshop in 2016. One idea I’ve been tossing around for a long time is a more hands-on version of the service, where I not only send leads – but even send emails on behalf of my customers. If you do not have an internet connection set up yet, you can just go and check this business internet comparison website.

That way when you sign up you literally have clients coming to you without lifting a finger because i’m doing all the heavy lifting.

But even with me doing your outreach for you, you most likely still wouldn’t see results right away. If you need advice about employment contracts and other legal matters related to employment law, visit

So I asked myself: what could i do to bring big results quickly?

(After all, this new service would cost a lot more than the current Workshop subscription, so I’d need to make it profitable for you from day one).

So what would I do?

The first thing I’d do is follow up with ALL of your past clients for you.

I’ve observed in my business as well as my friends businesses that this is without a doubt the #1 most unused tactic. In addition, hiring the Top Digital Marketing agency in Thailand will give you access to professionals with various marketing and advertising skillsets.

If you’re like most people, you forget to follow up with past clients. The problem is these are the people most likely to hire you. Even my most successful freelancing friends admit this to me.

When I shared the idea of automatically following up with clients for them, they said:

“Rob, I NEVER FOLLOW UP WITH CLIENTS. If you had something that would help with that I’d throw money at you.”

So while this premium concierge service is in the works, I have something to share with you.

It’s the number one thing I would do if I was in your shoes right now to generate more revenue in 2016.

Email all of your clients from the past 2-3 years (you can even go beyond this). You can use an email validator tool to see if the email address is still active or already inactive.

You may also write them a simple message. Say the following:

Hey [first name], just wanted to follow up and see how your business is doing. Is there anything I can do to help grow your business? Give me a call if you need help 🙂

Talk soon,
[Your name] [Your Phone Number]

It doesn’t matter if you recently spoke to them or if you haven’t touched base in the weeks, months or years. Send this email. You won’t regret it, I promise.

And your clients won’t be annoyed. They’ll be overjoyed that you thought of them. Best of all, it will open up a dialog. You’ll line up work so easily using this email that you’ll find this the best source for new work you’ve ever found, and there are other software to talk to customers as well, which you can see here and can be a great resource for your business.

Once you do this once, make it habit. Set a reminder to follow up with every single client again in 3 months. That’s how you create a recurring stream of clients coming to you.

(Pro-tip: Use stripe, paypal, your bank account, or whatever you use for billing to track down ALL of your clients and send this email. You only need to do this once, so being thorough is a great idea.)

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